There are many famous quotes from the classic play and subsequent film A Streetcar Named Desire. One is: I don’t want realism, I want magic. (Most people misremember it as: I don’t want reality, I want magic)

Some people have said that this blog reflects the romantic and sentimental side of Old Hollywood. Yes, we’ll agree we have that bent. So to even things up, we’re adding another voice. One which will not concentrate on the magic, but on the reality and psychology of movie making.

Let us introduce Graham Hill. Last year Graham wrote to us with a wonderful compliment: As someone who has spent my whole life in the movie/TV industry, 2 yrs. at MGM, 4 yrs. at EMI in England, 13 yrs. at Universal, and 25 yrs. at 20th Century-Fox… I can truly say you have a very fine website, well presented.

Naturally we were interested in learning more about this fellow. And he said: I have had various jobs in the business, at the same time of having been a studio historian for both Universal and Fox. Over the years I have written over 2,000 articles on just about every aspect and topic you can imagine. 

So much that is known about HOLLYWOOD is basically untrue. What starts out as a made-up publicity story, seems to forever end up as published fact, and correcting it with the truth, no one wants to hear. The TCM fans can get pretty nasty over arguing about the smallest detail.

Anyway, I gave up on blogging, because like the line in John Ford’s ‘The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence ‘– “When the legend becomes fact, print the legend,” you end up the bad guy in trying to tell people what actually happened, even if I was on that movie and witnessed it first-hand.

But, dear readers, we are happy to report that Graham has agreed to contribute to Classicmoviechat and give us a perspective we warmly embrace. His articles will appear Monday through Friday of next week.

Dubois or Kowalski? Why can’t a blog have both?

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