You may know that face, you may know that voice, but can you name three pictures in which she appeared?

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Before we help you out, just a few things you should know about Binnie Barnes.

— She was British, born in London in 1903. She started her working life at 15, as nurse, chorus girl and milkmaid, among other jobs. Her early show biz career included a stint in vaudeville where she perfected a rope twirling turn as “Texas Binnie Barnes.”

— She broke into movies in a number of short films with British comedian Stanley Lupino  (the father of Ida).

— Her breakthrough role was as Catherine Howard in 1933’s The Private Life of Henry VIII starring Charles Laughton.

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— She emigrated to Hollywood in 1934 and launched a career playing supporting roles as the pleasant-to-take friend of the lead or as the furious other woman. She once said that one picture is just like another to me as long as I don’t have to be a sweet woman.

— Between Europe and Hollywood, Barnes rolled up some 80 screen credits over a half century. She made five pictures with Cesar Romero, including 1939’s Wife, Husband and Friend (there she is below beseeching costar Warner Baxter)…

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— Binnie appeared in four Rosalind Russell outings including 1940’s This Thing Called Love…

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— With Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant, Barnes appeared in the 1938 comedy Holiday...

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— And she had a key supporting role in the 1945 swashbuckler The Spanish Maine with Maureen O’Hara and Paul Henreid.

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— Barnes married just twice, the second time to producer M.J. Frankovich.  Although she more or less retired in the mid-Fifties, she kept active sporadically until the 1970s. (She died in 1998 in Beverly Hills.) Her last big screen appearance was in 1973’s 40 Carats costarring Gene Kelly, with whom she is whooping it up below.)

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