As you can probably tell from our catchall headline, it’s time once again to dip into our e-mail bag and bring ourselves up to date on the latest gems.

From faithful reader Mike Sheridan comes this thought re our Jan. 15 blog, The Best Ever Classic Sports Movies:

Being obscure guys, there are two, very watchable, classic movies with the same name that I think are, or could be top ten…

‘The Crowd Roars,’ a 1938 boxing movie starring Robert Taylor and Edward Arnold and also ‘The Crowd Roars,’ a 1932 Indianapolis 500 flick starring James Cagney and Joan Blondell. Both movies are classic sports films, don’t you think?

Thanks, Mike.  We’ll have to check both these films out.  We like Cagney as a motor racing champ but are dubious about Robert Taylor playing a convincing prize fighter named “Killer McCoy.”

Our April 9 blog — RKO’s Brown & Carney — Abbott & Costello Wannabees — drew this informative missive from Anthony Bensley:

ZOMBIES ON BROADWAY ‘ was probably their best film, which isn’t really saying very much! On the plus side, this entry did feature Bela Lugosi and future television giant, Sheldon Leonard, and was also directed by sometime Hal Roach Studios Director Gordon Douglas (“Our Gang’ Comedies; Laurel & Hardy’s Roach Swansong, ‘SAPS AT SEA’).

The main problem, as addressed in (your) article, was of course the complete lack of chemistry between Wally Brown & Alan Carney (who doesn’t even look at all photogenic to my eyes!), which I agree with!

In my opinion, it’s too bad that Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy didn’t sign with RKO instead of 20th Century Fox, as Brown & Carney’s services then might not have been required, and Stan & Ollie’s early-to-mid 1940s output may also have fared better — though even the worst of those were still several times better than Brown & Carney’s best!

Interestingly, according to, Alan Carney & Wally Brown both appeared in the 1961 Disney Feature’THE ABSENT-MINDED PROFESSOR’ and in ‘IT’S A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD’ (though Wally had died nearly 2 years before the latter film was released!), both of these being many years after the end of their (mercifully) brief teaming!  CHEERS!

And cheers to you, Anthony.

Way back on March 22, 2012, we published the blog Linda Christian — ‘Bad Girl’ With Style about an actress-personality perhaps most famous for being the ex-Mrs. Tyrone Power. (By the way, that’s Linda pictured above.) Reader Cliff responded with this link to find out more about one of our favorite bad girls:

Linda was also in some prime B’s. Here’s more:

In our even older blog of Jan. 18, 2012, we speculated about the sexuality of Lawrence of Arabia, both the movie and the historical figures. Jemma Jones had this to add:

He might have been raped by the Turkish Ottomans, but that doesn’t mean he was gay.







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