A few weeks ago we ran our quiz about Myrna Loy. It got us to thinking we ought to spotlight her ofttime screen partner William Powell.

And that led us to Joe’s book, Gable, Lombard, Powell and Harlow. We’ll get to Powell in a couple of weeks, but let’s take the top stars of the 1930s in order. First, Clark Gable.

Think you know all there is to know about the so-called King of Hollywood (a reference to himself that Gable disliked)? Try our Monday Quiz, and find out. As usual, questions today, answers tomorrow.  Here we go:

1) Question: Although his Rhett Butler turn in 1939’s Gone With The Wind is by far Gable’s most famous role, it may surprise you to learn that he privately disliked the movie, dismissing it as:  a) A piece of melodramatic junk; b) A woman’s picture; c) Overblown and overwrought; or d) A lot of noise signifying nothing.

2) Question: Which one of the following Gable leading ladies complained about his persistent bad breath?  a) Claudette Colbert; b) Marilyn Monroe; c) Vivien Leigh; or d) Joan Crawford.

3) Question:  Gable once proposed marriage to actress Nancy Davis before she became known as Mrs. Ronald Reagan.  a) True; or b) False?

4) Question: Early in his career, Gable was seriously considered for the role of Tarzan.  a) True; or b) False?

5) Question:  Gable fathered an out-of-wedlock love child with which one of the following?  a) Helen Hayes; b) Constance Bennett; c) Hedy Lamarr; or d) Loretta Young.

6) Question: When he turned 36, Gable was serenaded by a birthday ditty, “Dear Mr. Gable: You Made Me Love You,” sung by which one of the following? a) Lena Horne; b) Marlene Dietrich; c) Judy Garland; or d) Carmen Miranda.

7) Question: Gable and Greta Garbo were lovers for a short time but remained lifelong friends.  a) True; or b) False?

8) Question: Which one of the following jump-started Gable’s fledgling film career by arranging a screen test at MGM in the early 1930s? a) Lionel Barrymore; b) Irving Thalberg; c) Erich von Stroheim; or d) Victor Fleming.

9) Question: Gable was easily the biggest male star MGM ever produced.  How many years did he work at the studio?  a) 15; b) 23; c) 19; or d) seven.

10) Question: Who was actress Carole Lombard married to just before she fell in love with Gable?  (Hint: He’s pictured on Joe’s book jacket above.)

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