How much did you know about the long career Lauren Bacall enjoyed without her first husband, Humphrey Bogart? (He was 25 years older than she.)

Here she is above with Betty Grable (in the center) and you-know-who on the left in 1953’s comedy, How To Marry A Millionaire.

Bogie was still alive then (he died four years later) but this picture, Bacall’s first big comedy, was a big independent step. The picture was a box office smash and set up Bacall as a formidable name on her own.

Ok, let’s get to the answers to our Lauren-Post-Bogie Quiz.

1) Question: Following Bogart’s death, Bacall became romantically involved with a famous Hollywood personality.  Which one?  a) Gregory Peck; b) Frank Sinatra; c) Jack Warner; or d) Howard Hughes.

Answer: as our photo above indicates, the answer is (b). He and Bacall became friendly in the Rat Pack days before Bogart’s death. After that, the relationship turned romantic. In 1958, after his tempestuous marriage to Ava Gardner ran its course, Sinatra asked Bacall to marry him. She, confessing later that she had been in “terrible shape” back then, accepted. Then their mutual friend, agent Swifty Lazar, leaked the news to Los Angeles Herald columnist Louella Parsons, resulting in a front page banner. Sinatra was furious, called the whole thing off via a telephone conversation and ignored Bacall for the next 20 years.

2) Question: Bacall was awarded an honorary Oscar in 2010, but she was earlier nominated in the best actress category for which one of her post-Bogie movies?  a) 1976’s The Shootist; b) 1958’s The Gift of Love; c) 1964’s Sex and the Single Girl; or d) 1996’s The Mirror Has Two Faces.

Answer:  d) Bacall won her nomination for 1996’s The Mirror Has Two Faces, a comedy/drama directed and starring Barbra Streisand. She was 72 at the time.

3) Question: Bogart wasn’t the only actor to wed Bacall. Who was her second and final husband.  a) Robert Stack; b) Dirk Bogarde; c) Rip Torn; or d) Jason Robards.

Answer: d).  Bacall’s marriage to Robards was marred by his alcoholism, among other things. The couple had one son.  Katharine Hepburn was his godmother.

4) Question: Post Bogie, Bacall expressed her disdain of physical violence onscreen, and avoided any role that even hinted at the possibility of murder and mayhem.  a) True; b) False.

Answer:  b) False. Bacall was always a working actress and took the roles that appealed. One in 1981 was  slasher pic, The Fan, about a deranged stalker to an actress played by Bacall. The movie shows off Bacall at her murderous best.

5) Question: Four years before Bogey’s death, Bacall costarred in probably her biggest single box office hit, a comedy that had nothing to do with Bogart. (Hint: her costars were Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable.) Can you provide a name to this picture?

Answer:  As noted in our intro, How To Marry A Millionaire.

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