Yes, her career was launched with her films with Humphrey Bogart, and she attained instant stardom at 19. But Lauren Bacall had quite a career after Bogie’s death. What do you know about her later films?

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And, what do you know about her later loves and her later husband?

Keep in mind that the legendary Bogart-Bacall marriage ran from 1945 until Bogie died of throat cancer on Jan. 14, 1957.  Bacall lived on to the age of 89, dying in 2014 after working in films and onstage until the end. In effect, her post Bogie career lasted more than a half century, certainly a lot longer than the relatively brief period of their screen pairing.

We won’t get into Bacall’s sterling Broadway performances — notably her Tony Award- winning turns in Applause and Woman of the Year — but keep things to the big screen where at various times she worked with some distinguished costars including Paul Newman, Robert Stack, Roddy McDowall (pictured above), Henry Fonda, Tony Curtis — and, particularly, John Wayne.

Ok, let’s get to our post-Bogie Bacall Quiz.  As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question: Following Bogart’s death, Bacall became romantically involved with a famous Hollywood personality.  Which one?  a) Gregory Peck; b) Frank Sinatra; c) Jack Warner; or d) Howard Hughes.

2) Question: Bacall was awarded an honorary Oscar in 2010, but she was earlier nominated in the best actress category for which one of her post-Bogie movies?  a) 1976’s The Shootist; b) 1958’s The Gift of Love; c) 1964’s Sex and the Single Girl; or d) 1996’s The Mirror Has Two Faces.

3) Question: Bogart wasn’t the only actor to wed Bacall. Who was her second and final husband.  a) Robert Stack; b) Dirk Bogarde; c) Rip Torn; or d) Jason Robards.

4) Question: Post Bogie, Bacall expressed her disdain of physical violence onscreen, and avoided any role that even hinted at the possibility of murder and mayhem.  a) True; b) False.

5) Question: Four years before Bogey’s death, Bacall costarred in probably her biggest single box office hit, a comedy that had nothing to do with Bogart. (Hint: her costars were Marilyn Monroe and Betty Grable.) Can you provide a name to this picture?

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