Recently, on the televised Tony Awards Whoopi Goldberg was introduced as someone who had won a Tony, an Oscar, an Emmy and a Grammy. This, of course, is true, but a bit misleading.

Hello everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here to sort it all out for you.

How many people have all four of those prestigious awards?

Officially the count is 12.  But how many of those  “won” the awards?  How many of those people won for “performing?”

Streisand and Minnelli make the list.  But each has only “won” three and been awarded the fourth.  Barbra has a Special Tony Award.  Liza has a Special Grammy Award.

Five of the winners are not performers. Composers Richard Rodgers (who holds the records for most wins and is pictured above), Marvin Hamlisch, and Jonathan Tunik. Two, while sometime performers, won for writing and directing– Mike Nichols and Mel Brooks.

Only five performers have won all four — Helen Hayes, Rita Moreno, Audrey Hepburn (pictured above), John Gielgud, and Whoopi Goldberg.

But Whoopi’s Emmy is a Daytime Emmy, and her Tony is for being co-producer of a show, not being a performer on Broadway.

Gielgud’s Tonys are for directing and producing. That leaves Hayes, Moreno and Hepburn as the only three who can be counted as true winners of the four awards for their performances.

Even then, Hepburn’s Emmy is for being a host on a show about gardens. So only Helen Hayes and Rita Moreno can claim wins for parts they played. Later blogs will  highlight both women.

OK, let’s drop the Grammy Award (most actors don’t do records).  How many actors have won the “Triple Crown”– all three acting awards?

Quite a few.  And we intend to cover each in a separate blog.  Look for the Triple Crown Winners!

As for Rodgers, he had a long and prestigious career.  First he collaborated with Lorenz (Larry) Hart on Broadway musicals (Babes in Arms, Pal Joey and others) AND films. Later he teamed with Oscar Hammerstein Jr. on  American classics such as “Oklahoma,” “South Pacific,” and “The Sound of Music.”

Rodgers even wrote solo, both music and lyrics. His credits are too numerous to mention. And among his many other awards he also won a Pulitzer.

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