She was one of the Queens of Film Noir. How much did you know about her career and her private life?

Audrey Totter is the second Monday Quiz profile in our three-part salute to perhaps the toughest trio of babes to ever appear in a film noir.  Last week was Marie Windsor and next week is Colleen Gray.  So get out the “gats” and get set.

Now, down to business.  Let’s check out the answers to our Audrey Totter Quiz.  To review the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.

1) Answer:  d) Ava Gardner. Audrey Totter was the first choice as the costar of Burt Lancaster in producer Mark Hellinger’s 1946 noir, The Killers.  But she was tied up making Robert Montgomer’s Lady in the Lake, and couldn’t pry herself free. Hellinger had to “settle” for sexy newcomer Gardner on a loan-out from MGM.  Her femme fatale role in The Killers propelled Ava to stardom.

2) Answer:  This is a trick question.  At one time or another, Totter was courted by all four actors.

3) Answer: Anjelica Huston.

4) Answer:  b) False.  Totter married just once to Dr. Leo Fred, an assistant dean of the UCLA Medical School.  They tied the knot in the early Fifties.  The marriage bore one child, and last until his death in 1995.

5) Answer:  c) Medical Center.

6) Answer:  b) False.  Totter got along famously and socialized with both Jane Greer and Gloria Grahame. “Imagine the slumber parties” with these three, comments film noir scholar Eddie Muller.

7) Answer:  c) Both were registered Republicans.

8) Answer:  d) The Carpetbaggers, the 1964 film version of Harold Robbins’ steamy novel.

9) Answer: In The Set-Up, a tough drama about an over-the-hill boxer’s final bout.  The unfortunate pugilist is played most convincingly by Robert Ryan.  Totter plays his sexy and wise wife. A solid picture, not to be missed.

10) Answer:  d) None of the above.  Totter felt that studio boss Louis B.Mayer, who put on solidly dramatic performances in front of her every time she asked for a raise, was the best actor at MGM.


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