It seems to us that if any Hollywood actresses have a claim on eternal public life, they would have to include (in no special order) Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn.

Monroe remains the subject of periodic fascination, often expressed in photographs, books and, perhaps, with a PHD thesis or two. Taylor’s estate still brings in a fortune from the proceeds of products the star launched in her lifetime.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, back with another star quiz. So sharpen those wits, and get ready.

Of the three luminaries mentioned above, Hepburn is now the closest to Hollywood sainthood. Her fashion model chic — termed her “iconic style” — has a posthumous appeal of its own, so it’s no surprise that her image currently adorns the May issue of Vanity Fair.

Although she’s been dead for 20 years now, her visual appeal remains refreshingly contemporary.  The Vanity Fair piece, adapted from the forthcoming coffee-table book, Audrey In Rome coauthored by her son Luca Dotti, is loaded with rarely seen period photos taken during the actress’ 17-year residence in Rome dating from 1969, after the bulk of her movie career was over.

Hepburn looks great and is — even while walking the dog — dressed in high-fashion impeccability. We were inspired by the article, and put together this Audrey Hepburn quiz to find out just how much you really know about this “iconic” personality. So here we go.

1) Question. Although she’s thought of as the product of an aristocratic European family, Hepburn experienced poverty as a young girl.  True or false?

2) Question. Can you identify the profession of her Italian second husband, Dr. Andrea Dotti? He was a) an actor with a PHD; b) a podiatrist; c) a proctologist; or d) a psychiatrist?

3) Question.  Which of these movies starring Audrey was NOT filmed in Rome? a) 1956’s War and Peace; b) 1953’s Roman Holiday; c) 1954’s Sabrina; or d) 1959’s The Nun’s Story.

4) Question. Which of these actor-costars was Hepburn’s first husband. a) Eddie Albert, b) Helmut Dantine; c) Mel Ferrer; or d) Jacques Marin?

5) Question. Which of Hepburn’s movie roles was her favorite? a) As the princess on the loose in Roman Holiday; b) as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s; c) as the upper class daughter of a prominent surgeon who decides to enter a convent in The Nun’s Story; or d) as Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady?

6) Question. When she lived in Rome, Hepburn raged and fulminated at the pesky “paparazzi,” the Italian photographers who dogged her every public step.  True or false?

7) Question. Not present during the Rome period was Hepburn’s final male companion, who, despite not being married to her, lived with the actress until she died.  Can you identify this man? a) Walter Matthau; b) Dino De Laurentiis; c) Robert Wolders; or d) Mickey Rooney?

8) Question. Although she loved living in the Eternal city, Hepburn did not die in Rome.  Where did she die and what killed her?

9) Question.  What accounted for Hepburn’s ramrod posture and her physical composure in almost all settings?  a) her early training in marital arts; b) a back deformity which was cured through long term exercise; c) ballet practice; or d) a stint in the military.

10) Question. Although immaculately turned out all her life, Hepburn had her share of fashion quirks. Which of the following did she adopt? a) not wearing undergarments; b) carrying a small basket to be used as a purse;  c) never wearing sunglasses; or d) wearing  pearls with everything?

Ok, there you have it.  No peeking at internet references.  Answers this week.




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