Classic movies were hard to view in the age before videos and DVDs. Where the hell were you going to see a classic film unless some studio re-released it? The answer was to find someone who had a 16mm print of a movie classic, even though back then to possess an “unauthorized” print of a copyrighted film was a criminal offense… even if you were showing it to friend and not to paying customers.

We can still recall the time that friends in Greenwich Village had their apartment door kicked in by FBI agents. The G-men arrested the miscreants for the offense of (gasp!) having a 16 mm print of “Singing In The Rain.”

Even with all of the legal nonsense of the period, how thrilling it was back then to receive a call from a buddy discreetly disclosing that he or she had just secured a B title such as “My Name Is Julia” or an A classic such as “Out of the Past.” The big question: how soon can we meet to screen this magical contraband?

Well, those days are gone forever thanks to DVDs, tapes, classic movie channels and so much more. You can even get for free the greatest classic titles ever made from your local library.

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