Ok, so how did you do with our Monday Quiz?

Deanna Durbin has been off the silver screen for over 60 years, so don’t be too hard on yourselves if our questions stumped you. After reading this, by all means take a peek at our previous DD blogs (Need To Know Deanna Durbin and Deanna Durbin – Rival to Judy.

To refresh yourselves about yesterday’s Quiz questions, just scroll down to the blog below. Ok, let’s get to our answers.:

1) Answer: d) Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada. Durbin wasn’t known as “Winnepeg’s Sweetheart” for nothing. That’s where she was born as Edna May Durbin.

2) Answer: d) Durbin died in April of 2013, in France. She was 91 plus.

3) Answer:  If you chose (c) congratulate yourself. Deanna won the best the Academy Award’s 1939 Best Juvenile Award, which she shared with Mickey Rooney.

4) Answer:  1944’s Can’t Help Singing, which costarred Robert Paige and one of our very favorite character actors, Akim Tamiroff.  Deanna plays a politician’s daughter in this western romance with music who follows her boyfriend West during the California gold rush.

5) Answer: b) False. Durbin auditioned as the voice of the Snow White in 1937’s animation classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but Walt Disney turned her down because she sounded too mature. She was a teenager at the time.

6) Answer: d) Deanna spent two years on Eddie Cantor’s radio show, making her debut in September 1936.  She was, incidentally, a big hit.

7) Answer: It was a star-fan thing. Durbin was the Holocaust victim’s favorite movie star. Frank adorned her secret Amsterdam hiding nook with photos of Deanna. If you visit the Anne Frank house you will still see a photo on the wall.

8 ) Answer:  It was Robert Stack in his 1939 movie debut in First Love, who provided Deanna with her first onscreen kiss. As to why this event commanded front page attention, it musta been a slow news day.  Says Joe:  It was a big deal because it was.

9) Answer: Trout Fishing In America by Richard Brautigan. (Ok, that we admit was a toughie.  Bonus point no matter your answer.)

10) Answer:   c) Benito Mussolini and e) Winston Churchill were nuts about Deanna, and d) Douglas MacArthur admired her work as well.  Cannot vouch for Speer, however.

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