If there ever was a man who needed no introduction it’s the man above.

This is a never before seen shot of one of the biggest stars of the Golden Era. And, yes, that’s our Dnal Gordon picture above.

And, last week we brought you Jane Withers and Rory Calhoun (see studio shots below), fresh from the pool. Yup, those were the two young critters shown in our Sept. 19th blog.

Not much remembered today but once a pretty big star, Rory Calhoun, that good looking dude above, was a California-born tough guy, self professed womanizer and stalwart semi-leading man.

His career began in the mid Forties, and lasted for nearly half a century covering some 125 movie and tv credits. (A reason we are partial to Calhoun is that he was also a pal of our late pal, Donald Gordon, who bequeathed to us his stunning Hollywood photo collection.) Calhoun worked right up until 1993, six years before his death in 1999.

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Jane Withers was more famously the child star — a sort of second banana Shirley Temple at 20th Century Fox. (She is outstanding as that nasty brat — nearly upstaging Temple — in 1934’s Bright Eyes.  The cast also includes another of our Janes — Jane Darwell.)

Withers began on radio at age 3,  often featuring impersonations of such big stars as W.C. Fields and Charlie Chaplin. During the 1930’s, she established herself with such titles as Pepper and Angel’s Holiday, finishing the decade with a punch by being named No. 6 on a list of top 10 box office favorites. She was just 11 years old at the time.

Withers went on to a career lasting nearly 70 years (remember, she started very young) and covering some 71 credits.  Withers was also an accomplished singer, and tv personality — best known for her “Josephine the Plumber” character in those 1970’s cleanser commercials. 


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