Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today to note that many of you correctly identified last Monday’s mystery men, Charlie Chaplin and Mahatma Ghandi.

We still believe that judging from the photo we ran, the latter was giddy with excitement at posing with “The Tramp.” Chaplin, judging by his fixed smile, seems less thrilled. Oh, the burdens of international stardom!

Now, how about the men in today’s picture?

We’ve gone from the world of politics to the world of literature– well, the world of fiction, at least as far as the guy on the left is concerned.

The guy on the right in the above photo should be easily recognizable. But who’s the chap on the left?  A clue.  He’s the creator of the famous character portrayed by the other.

That’s a huge hint, but in our infinitely generous spirit, we’ll provide additional clues.

— The two men pictured above did not get along especially well.  Think “class warfare” in a larger context.

— The middle name of the fellow to the left is the surname of an actor named Burt.

— Mystery man to the left also worked for a time in his family’s bank. He died fairly young (at age 56) of his second heart attack.

— The names Cary Grant and David Niven have special relevance to the fellow to the right and, for that matter, to the man on the left as well.

Ok, who are these two?


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