Although she is best remembered for her role in the sci fi classic Forbidden Planet, Anne Francis co-starred in one of Joe’s favorite films, Susan Slept Here. And although she was only 2 years older than Debbie Reynolds, who starred in the title role opposite Dick Powell, Anne played the older woman.

Francis started her career as a model when a small child, and by 17 had entered films. Never a top star she nonetheless had a decent career and appeared in a few good films, most notably, Bad Day at Black Rock, and Blackboard Jungle.

After a successful series on TV, Honey West, she returned to movies with a small but showy part in Funny Girl.

Now about those celebrities in Wednesday’s photo. We can spot Ava Gardner, Lana Turner and then hubby Bob Topping, Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, Larry Parks and (hidden) Betty Garrett, and Jane Wyman. Can any reader identify anyone else?

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