There’s Andy having words with his eternally wise dad, Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone). Undoubtedly Micky Rooney’s leading character had misbehaved yet again, and needed a respectful dressing down from Dad.

Ok, how much did you know about the MGM Andy Hardy series?

Did you know that it comprised 16 titles from 1937 to 1946 and finally in 1958. And that although the series celebrated the civic charms of small-town life, Rooney as Andy spiced things up with various money and girl foibles, often glossed over with less than the truth.

In effect, the slightly devilish Rooney took over the series becoming the principal top-of-the-line focus from the fourth film in the series and from the seventh edition on. The series catapulted him to stardom.

Ok, let’s get to the answers to our Andy Hardy Quiz.

  1. Question: Which of the following actors (in addition to Lewis Stone) played Judge James Hardy, the fictional father of Mickey Rooney’s Andy Hardy? a) Lionel Barrymore; b) Raymond Massey; c) Carleton Macy; or d) Basil Rathbone.

Answer: a) Barrymore and c) Macy. The latter appeared as Judge Hardy in the 1929 play on which the film series was based. He never appeared in any film version of the property. Barrymore played the judge in the first Hardy film in 1937. titled A Family Affair.

2. Question: How many Andy Hardy films in all were produced? a) 22 b) 10; c) 16; or d) 8.

Answer: As noted above, the series consisted of (c) 16 titles. Rooney appeared in all of them.

3. Question: Mickey Rooney and MGM boss Louis B. Mayer locked horns heatedly during production of the Andy Hardy series. Why? a) Mayer disliked Rooney personally; b) The fight was over bigtime salary issues; c) Rooney was threatening the wholesome Andy Hardy public image by acting like a horny teenager off camera; or d) None of the above.

Answer: Rooney and Louis B. Mayer clashed largely about (c) the actor’s offscreen behavior. He was said to be a “hyperactive girl-crazy teenager” with a bad gambling habit. Listen to me, commanded Mayer. I don’t care what you do in private. Just don’t do it in public…You’re Andy Hardy! Your the United States!

4. Question: How many Andy Hardy movies did Judy Garland, playing a character by the name of Betsy Booth, make with Rooney? a) Three; b) Five; c) Two; or d) Four.

Answer: a) Rooney and Garland appeared in three — 1938’s Love Finds Andy Hardy, 1940’s Andy Hardy Meets Debutante and 1941’s Life Begins For Andy Hardy.

5. Question: Where is the Hardy family’s fictional home located? a) in Idaho; b) somewhere in the Midwest; c) in Southern California; or d) in the Bronx.

Answer: The short answer here might be somewhere in rural Middle America. The series by and large kept its locale a bit muddled, but worked off the premise of the original play. That made (a) Carvel in Idaho the small town where the Hardys lived and carried on.

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