It’s certainly not a classic, but it’s what we like to call a good old fashioned ‘movie.’

1969’s If It’s Tuesday, This Must be Belgium, captured the mood of the U. S. public’s fascination with travel to Europe in the 1950s and 60s when cheaper air travel made it affordable.

And Boy, was it a travelogue. From London to the continent. And, surprise, surprise, NO HOLLYWOOD ENDING!

The picture is romantic comedy, strictly lightweight, with a motley Hollywood cast including Murray Hamilton, Mildred Natwick, Norman Fell and Peggy Cass. The lovers on the trip are played by British actor Ian McShane and Suzanne Pleshette (seen at the very top and below).

Samantha Perkins (Suzanne Pleshette) to Charlie Cartwright (Ian ...

McShane is a tour guide in charge of taking a busload of American tourists on a whirlwind 18-day tour. Stops in the movie include London, The Netherlands, Belgium, Brussels, down the Rhein River, Switzerland, Venice and Rome.

Hectic but a nice way to end our week of films and travel.

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