The first volume — that’s right, only the first volume — of a book on Barbara Stanwyck was released last year by Simon and Schuster. And it’s a whopper. Over a thousand pages. It’s illustrated , of course, and it covers the actress’ life and career in depth from her birth in 1907 to the height of her career in 1940.

If any star of the Golden period deserves a detailed biography it’s Stanwyck.

Not only does the book detail her career, but analyses her two marriages. The first to Vaudeville Star Frank Fay. Supposedly their story was the basis for the A Star is Born. It certainly paralleled it.

Her second husband was matinee idol Robert Taylor. Their affair had become so blatant that L.B. Mayer practically forced them to marry.

The book, A Life of Barbara Stanwyck –Steel-True 1907-1940, is by Victoria Wilson. Check it out. It’s touted, by critics, ¬†as the first book about a film star that’s been done in depth, as if the subject were an important statesman.

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