She was the most delightful woman. Charming, witty, fun to be with and an absolute necessity if one was to spend any time with her husband, the famed director.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, back with more of Joe’s reminiscences of Alfred Hitchcock and his wife, Alma Reville.

Joe worked with them both back in 1965 in Boston when Universal was opening Torn Curtain.

As most movie buffs know, Alma was a screenwriter, and when they met even more successful than the then aspiring director.  After they married she put her career on the back burner, and supported his career by serving as an adviser on all his films.

The Hitchcocks had one child, Patricia, and Daddy used her as a actress in three of his movies, Stage Fright, Strangers on a Train, and Psycho. Alma sometimes received screen credit, but often not. However, in the recent film Hitchcock, Alma, portrayed by Helen Mirren, is given a great deal of credit for the master’s success.

The week with Alma was pleasant and instructive.  One morning she rang and sweetly asked, “Joe, do you think it possible I could use one of the limos today?”

“Why, of course, that’s what we have them for.  Where would you like to go?’

“To Elizabeth Arden’s.  I have an appointment at one.”

Joe took her naturally, and waited the hour she was inside.  When she came out he was a bit startled.  She looked exactly as she had when she’d entered.

He was used to women who emerged from beauty salons after complete transformations, such as Cher in Moonstruck.  But always a fast study, Joe quickly realized that the magic of Elizabeth Arden’s was that one ALWAYS looked the same — that is perfectly groomed, coiffed and made up.  There was no obvious perm, no make over, just the reinforcing of the desired look.

She was a great help during that week of whirlwind activity.  She kept Hitch centered.


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