We rarely if ever dedicate our weekly quizzes to more than one personality.

Today is the exception. After all, we are talking of the first family of stage and later film. Just how much do you know about them. Lionel, Ethel and John?

Lionel was the oldest, perhaps the most professional throughout his career.

Lionel Barrymore's Pants (Uncredited) | by Shawn Crawford at Calliope  Crashes | Medium

Ethel was the middle child, an outspoken woman, an avid baseball and boxing fan, who won an Oscar but was loudly unimpressed by the award.

None But the Lonely Heart - Cary Grant

And then there is John, the baby of the three whose career amounted partially to his personal dissolution onscreen.

Grand Hotel | film by Goulding [1932] | Britannica

All three were the products of British actor Maurice Barrymore and his American actress spouse, Georgina Drew. (By the way, Ethel is the great aunt of actress Drew Barrymore.)

All three, born in the late 19th century, began their careers on the stage on both sides of the Atlantic, sailed through a broad range of silent pictures, facilely made the transition to the “talkies” and became big stars, and had long careers — in Ethels’ case right into the television age.

Ok, let’.s see how much you know about this fearsome trio. As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.)

  1. Question: Although each was a star in his or her own right, the Barrymores steadfastly avoided appearing together in the same film. a) True; or b) False.
  2. Question: Lionel ascribed the decline of brother John’s career to a) his heavy drinking; b) his lack of nerve; c) his obsession with his classic facial profile; or d) his mishandling of totem pole from Alaska.
  3. Question: Greta Garbo uttered her signature “I Want To Be Alone” remark to John Barrymore in which one of the following movies. a) Arsene Lupin; b) Rasputin and the Empress; c) Reunion in Vienna; or d) Grand Hotel.
  4. Question: Ethel Barrymore won her Oscar for her supporting role in which one of the following? (Who was her costar?) a) The Paradine Case; b) Pinky; c) The Spiral Staircase; or d) None But The Lonely Heart.
  5. Question: Lionel Barrymore played the first Judge Hardy in the first Andy Hardy movie. Can that be true? a) Yes; or b) No.

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