How much did you know about the French heart throb? Not just any heart throb, mind you.

Alain Delon was something very special, a riveting star and international sensation combined.

Listen to veteran British critic David Thomson: Perhaps it is just a matter of physical presence with the sense to remain enigmatic, but time and again Delon holds pictures together and stares into the camera like a sleek cat. (There he is above in all his feline splendor.)

His best movies were made in Europe, notably 1959’s Plein Soleil, Rene Clement’s adaptation of a chilling Patricia Highsmith piece; Luchino Visconti’s 1960 operatic drama Rocco and his Brothers; and Jacques Deray’s 1970 outing Borsolino. Delon had a an especially big hit staring in Joseph Losey’s 1976 drama, Mr. Klein.

Along the way, Delon played a mysterious criminal type in which, according to Thomson, he appears as a mysteriously lethal angel in a trench coat and a trilby hat.

Ok, how much do you known about this iconic French actor?  Let’s get to the answers to our mini-quiz to discover the answer. As usual, scroll down to the blog below for the questions. Here we go:

1) Answer:  c) Delon’s favorite American actor is John Garfield.

2) Answer:  d) Delon is well known for his love affairs and womanizing. Although married and divorced just twice — stingy by Hollywood standards — he has conducted a number of high profile liaisons including a very public engagement to Austria-born actress Romy Schneider. Although the couple broke their engagement in the mid-Sixties, Delon carried the torch to her grave.  Schneider died in 1982 at just 43 of cardiac arrest, which some suspected was really a suicide.

3) Answer:  a) Burt Lancaster and Paul Scofield are superb veterans costarring with Delon in one of his underrated Hollywood movies, 1972’s Scorpio.  Take a look.

4) Answer:  b) False.  Delon never generated Oscar action in the U.S., although he was nominated in 1964’s Golden Globe sweepstakes as “most promising newcomer” for his work in 1963’s The Leopard. In France, Delon did win a Cesar — the Gaulic equivalent of the Oscar —  as best actor for 1984’s melodrama, Notre Histoire (Our Story).

5) Answer: d) The careers of Delon and Marlon Brando intersected for a split second when Delon turned down the offer to play the male lead in 1972’s Last Tango in Paris, a role that famously went to Brando.


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