Fasten your seat belts!

We’re experimenting with our usual Monday Quiz format.

This week, instead of asking you via our usual probing questions about a specific star or movie, we decided to test your knowledge of famous movie ad lines.

Lines such as GABLE’S BACK AND GARSON’S GOT ‘IM. That’s from the Victor Fleming’s 1945 romantic comedy¬†Adventure (Clark Gable’s first film after returning from the war, and a flop).

To make the quiz a bit easier we’re going to limit it to Film Noir titles. And we kindly give you a few hints, including the photos which appear today. See how many you can remember?

Which film had this ad line?

1) If you knew what he knew, what would you do? (Hint: our hero wears a Roman collar).

2) The Kind that Don’t Die in Bed. (Starred film noir queen Lizabeth Scott).

3) A Hard Cop and a Soft Dame

4) Fate Drew Them Together and Only Murder Could Part Them

5) Love Was Her Crime, Love Was Her Punishment! (Deanna Durbin is involved, would you believe?)

And here are two easy ones:

6) His Scar Marked Them Both

7) Ladd Meets Murder in the Mysterious Orient.

Then, some a bit trickier.

8) From the top of the underworld to the bottom of the river … THE KILLER HUNT IS ON! (Think of a famous tv series concurrent with this Warner Bros. feature.)

9) Their love was a flame that destroyed. (Something about a mailman.)

10) “I was true to one man once…and look what happened!” ¬†(One-word title, and she could really dance.)

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