Who are the two guys pictured here, and what do they have in common? Remember, that’s a two-part question.

Hello, everybody.

Joe Morella and Frank Segers again with a new quiz.  These two character actors each had long careers.  One even won an Oscar.

We suspect you’ll have a lot less trouble identifying the actor on the right. Naming the guy on the left may pose a bigger hurdle (that mustache doesn’t help).

So in our eternal spirit of beneficence when it comes to you, our faithful readers, we provide some hints:

— Mystery man on the left was the son of a famous vaudeville and tv comedian.

— He also fathered a son, who 12 years ago wrote a rather self-aggrandizing book (We Will Always Live in Beverly Hills: Growing Up Crazy in Hollywood) about his alienation both from his famous dad and from Hollywood in general.

— Mystery man on the left acted in many westerns, and is particularly good in a small part in Sergio Leone’s grand 1968 spaghetti western, Once Upon A Time In The West.

— Finally, and this may be giving away the store, our mustacheoed mystery man figures prominently in the life of Van Johnson.

— As for mystery man on the right, he too comes from a family of vaudevillians.

— During the war, his distinctive voice was put to use by Armed Forces Radio to announce broadcasts featuring bandleader Glenn Miller.

— His “10-4” verbal signoffs on a Fifties tv series became a kind of national catch phrase.

— Sean Penn played his role in a recent remake of the film most often associated with our mystery man on the right. (Editorial comment: Our man did a far superior job in the original.)

OK.  But remember, we want not just their names, but what unique trait they share.

Frankly speaking, the identification is the easy part.  Getting the second part right will surely test your movie mettle.  Have fun and give it shot.

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