Our pal, Graham Hill, comments on about every blog we post. And we sincerely hope our readers check out those comments. They are insightful and invaluable.

In discussing Herbert Marshall he noted: “The last good performance of HERBERT MARSHALL in a good film, was 1963’s John Huston mystery thriller THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER.”

The List of Adrian Messenger is a relatively forgotten film mystery with a gimmick. Many famous stars were advertised as appearing in the movie in heavily disguised make-up. In an epilogue the stars remove their disguises and revealing their identity.
The cast of the film was already impressive — George C Scott, Dana Wynter, Marshall, Clive Brook and Gladys Cooper, among others.
Tony Curtis, Frank Sinatra, Burt Lancaster, Kirk Douglas, and Robert Mitchum are the big names who shed their disguises at the end.

The story goes that only Curtis, Douglas and Mitchum actually performed in the movie itself. And that Lancaster and Sinatra are only in it for the unmasking sequence and that their parts were played by others. And that many of the characters supposedly played by Kirk Douglas were done by a character actor named Jan Merlin.

It was reported that is was a grueling process, applying and removing the disguises, and that’s why several stars, including Elizabeth Taylor, had bowed out.


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