America is a melting pot. People have come here from all over the world. Almost every inhabitant of the U. S. has ancestry that includes many ethnic groups. Nearly 50 million citizens (or 17% of our population) has some German ancestry.

So who is the most famous classic movie star who was an immigrant from Germany. No brainer! Marlene Dietrich.

We’ve written about the legendary star before. But here’s a short recap of her amazing career.

Has any classic movie actress so indelibly dominated movies, recordings, live performance and Las Vegas so effectively and so glamorously over decades than Dietrich?

Her unforgettable vocalizing of the most effective anti-war hymn of all time — it was also her nickname, “Lili Marlene” —  as well as her bravery as a German-born entertainer openly and frequently serenading American troops during World War II assures her a substantial niche in history.  As do her more than 50 movies  — 33 Hollywood titles — spanning 55 years.

And, let’s not overlook the fact that Marlene was one of classic Hollywood’s true sybarites. Commenting on her male costars, she once observed that she made films opposite Tyrone Power and Richard Todd.  They looked alike, she observed. They were both very handsome men, and it is always a pleasure to look at a handsome man.

It’s worth noting in this regard that Dietrich had a long-term affair with a French actor, which she described as “the only relationship in my life when I was the one who loved more than the other person.”  Who is this French heartbreaker?

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Jean Gabin, who emigrated to Hollywood briefly and unlike Marlene bombed badly.

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