The young lady pictured above wasn’t really a child star, but she was only a youngster when she made her film debut.  Do you know her?

We know you don’t know THIS star. He or she is a tiny horse.

And we’ve run his photo because, once again, dear readers we need your help. Felicia Hammer has written to us asking if we know the title of a movie she’s forgotten.

Hello everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers here racking our brains and not coming up with an answer. We confess — we’re stumped.

Felicia recalls a movie about a tiny horse from a pre-historic land. Two cowboys who follow it into a canyon and when they go through the canyon they encounter other animals from pre-historic times.

Sci Fi is not big with either of us, but since Felicia was nice enough to ask for our help, the least we can do is try.  We know how frustrating it is to partially recall a film you want to see again, but can’t remember the name of.

The person who comes up with the horse’s identity will receive a big plug on ClASSICMOVIECHAT.COM plus our eternal thanks.

So help out a fellow movie lover if you can. That’s what Classic Movie Chat is all about. Remembering.


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