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Ok, you make consider consider today’s Quiz choice as one of our occasional follies, reflecting our soft spot for interesting but peripheral players.

The French have a better word for all this — “divertissement” or our private amusement.

We agree that we may be pushing the envelope a bit harder than usual today.  George Gobel, after all, was primarily a tv fixture of the Fifties, and made less than a handful of movies. In no way can he be considered a classic movie personality.

We are dating ourselves here, but the guy was all over the place in the Fifties, personifying a brushcut semi-hayseed who was an accomplished musician as well as revered comedian. His personality and material do not stand the test of time very well, prompting our fascination once again with personalities big in their time but forgotten today.

Anyway, Gobel cut a wide swath as a television personality, and, as mentioned, an occasional movie star.  Let;s see how much you know about him.  As usual questions today and answers tomorrow.

Image result for photos of george gobel

 1) Question:  In 1958, Gobel turned up in the movie, I Married A Woman, as the improbable costar to which one of the following international sexpots? a) Ursula Andress; b) Romy Schneider; c) Diana Dors or d) Barbara Payton.

2) Question: In his last movie, 1984’s Ellie, Gobel costarred as a down-home preacher opposite which one of these more established stars?  a) Shelly Winters; b) Bette Davis; c) Joan Crawford; or d) Irene Dunne.

3) Question: In his occasional movie and many tv appearances, Gobel milked for laughs which one of the following character stereotypes? a)  An inept minor burglar who flubbed picking pockets; b)  A mild-mannered sort saddled with an overbearing wife; c) A clean-cut, ‘aw shucks’ Midwesterner; or d) All of the above.

4) Question: Gobel actually was the top-billed star of Paramount’s 1956 romantic comedy, The Birds and the Bees, despite the presence of David Niven and Mitzi Gaynor. Who played Gobel’s role in the original version of the picture, 1941’s The Lady Eve?

5) Question: Gobel’s movie career was cut short of his own volition because he hated the pretensions of Hollywood and preferred television.  a) True; or b) False?

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