Was there ever a movie star named “Cuddles”?

You bet and he’s pictured above. He starred in comedies, dramas and even musicals. Joe readily matched the face with the name but Frank was strictly “who’s he?” until he saw the above picture.  Why, of course!

Our man is definitely one of those classic Hollywood character actors we may have gotten to know (and even love) but whose name is lost in the fog of memory — if known in the first place. Today’s mini-quiz hopes to shed some light on our man’s identity and work.

We’ve kept things to a “mini-quiz” today given that our subject is not exactly a household name among classic film fans, and may be entirely unknown by anyone under the age of 50. We’ll cover the basics, though.  So here we go.  As usual, questions today, answers tomorrow.

1) Question:  What was the real name of our mystery man?  a) Hyman Hollinger; b) Szoke Sakall; c) Laszlo Lowenstein; or d) Hyman Roth.

2) Question: Why was he called “cuddles?”  Because he a) always played lovable characters; b) dated starlets years younger than he was; c) was beloved among offscreen mob figures; or d) none of the above.

3) Question:  Which one of the following pictures did our man NOT appear in?  a) Casablanca; b) Yankee Doddle Dandy; c) In The Good Old Summertime; or d) Passage to Marseille. 

4) Question:  Our mystery man definitely spoke English with an accent.  Where was he born?  a) Czech Republic; b) Germany; c) Hungary; or d) Poland.

5) Question: Our man appeared in movies made by some of Hollywood’s biggest female stars.  Which one of the following did he NOT appear with?  a) Barbara Stanwyck; b) Doris Day; c) Deanna Durbin; or d) Linda Darnell.

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