OK, here’s a tough one.

Can you identify the two cowboys pictured above?  They were both very famous in their day. One of them still is a contemporary classic movie fan favorite.

Hello everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers on the range again.

We came across this amazing picture and just had to share it with you.  Normally we’d give you several clues as to the identity of these two cow pokes, but Joe doesn’t think that’s necessary.

Frank begs to differ since HE was stumped when Joe showed him the picture. (He also went slack-jawed when told the identities of these guys. This really is an extraordinary photo.)

OK, here’s a clue: only one of them was a genuine movie cowboy.

Yet another clue: the billing of one included a middle initial that some thought referred to Shakespeare.

Your cup runneth over, a final clue: by the time this photo was taken, the career of one of these cowpokes was on the slide while that of the other was just beginning.

Answer tomorrow. I think you’ll be as surprised as Frank was.

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