That’s right, a Christmas film starring Humphrey Bogart. And a lot of other old pros. We nominate We’re No Angels, as a film to join the more sugary fare that’s usually viewed around this season.

It’s a 1955 comedy from Paramount based on a successful stage play, My Three Angels, which was in turn based on a French play. We won’t give away the lot except to say it’s set on Devil’s Island. And it stars, along with Bogie, Peter Ustinov, Aldo Ray, Joan Bennett (above with Bogie), Basil Rathbone and ┬áLeo G. Carroll.

It’s an old fashioned comedy. That means there are no jokes per se, just comic situations and some very funny lines. Bogart only made a few comedies, and that’s a shame because, as this film attests, he was quite good in them.

The real spirit of Christmas is shown in this film and it’s a nice change from the usual fare. Try it. And while doing so, please have a happy holiday.


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