Yes, he’s still working. And yes, he’ s mastered every aspect of filmmaking.

Clint Eastwood turns 90: His life and career in photos

One of the very few stars to start in TV then propel himself to the highest ranks of Movie Stardom.

Over a 66-year career, Clint Eastwood has compiled an astounding record of 72 films as an actor, 45 as director and 52 as producer. His Oscar scorecard is every bit as impressive: five nominations in all three major categories and three wins.

Still in all, how much do you know about his long career?

Eastwood is still very much with us (age 91), still working with one new title in the hopper, Cry Macho, about a washed up horse breeder (Eastwood) trying to reclaim a young son living with a troubled mother. Typically, Eastwood not only stars in the picture but also directed and produced it.

Not to draw too bold a line under it, but Eastwood certainly belongs in the top rank of the most powerful figures ever in Hollywood, whose combined skills as a director and producer more than match his acting roles.

At one time not too long ago, Eastwood was solely responsible for generating nearly 20% of the yearly income of one studio, Warner Bros. Not too many classic stars can make that claim at anytime.

This quiz will, we expect, challenge your knowledge of Eastwood. Go ahead, make your day, and we wish you bonne chance. (In putting together this exercise, we are indebted to author Marc Eliot’s useful 2009 biography, American Rebel: The Life of Clint Eastwood, Three Rivers Press.)

As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.

Question:  When exactly did Eastwood make his movie debut, and what is the title of the movie?  Can you also name the star of that movie?

Question: Eastwood was fired by the first big Hollywood studio he worked for because “he just didn’t have the right look.” Two other actors were also canned at the same time, both going on to prominent careers. Who were the two other actors? 1) Troy Donahue; 2) Tony Curtis; 3) Burt Reynolds or 4) David Janssen.

Question: Eastwood’s first big break came not in the movies but on tv in CBS’ western series, Rawhide, that ran for seven years beginning in 1959. But he almost lost the role to another actor, the father of a current Hollywood star.  Who was Clint’s competitor?  1) Eric Fleming; 2) Bing Russell; 3) Lee Van Cleef; or 4) Robert Ryan.

Question:  By now, Eastwood’s skills as a pianist/composer are well known, but in his earlier days he was known also as a singer. Can you name the first vocal record he ever made?

Question:  Eastwood was definitely the star of Rawhide. True or false.

Question: While he was making the movie version of Paint Your Wagon in the late Sixties, Eastwood had an affair with a costar, who had carved out a career in Europe. Can you name her?  1) Annabella; 2) Michele Morgan; 3) Jean Seberg; or 4) Leslie Caron.

Question: Moving ahead a bit in time, can you name the two actors offered the plum role of police inspector Harry Callahan in 1971’s Dirty Harry, before Eastwood? 1) Paul Newman; 2) Edmond O’Brien; 3) Frank Sinatra; or Robert Redford.

Question: How many wives has Eastwood had? 1) two; 2) five; 3) none; or 4) seven?

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