Hello everybody. MRS. Norman Maine is out looking for her husband, but Mr. Joe Morella and Mr. Frank Segers are back again.

Today we have a REAL mystery.  We can across this snap of Donald Gordon with someone we can’t identify and we’re hoping you out there can help.  At first we thought  he was one of the Dead End kids, but we’ve ruled that out.  His face is so familiar, yet we can’t place him. Can You?

Here are the Dead End Kids with John Garfield and Gloria Dickson in a scene from “They Made Me A Criminal.”


1937’s “Dead End”  had gotten the boys contracts at Warner Brothers. That gritty social drama set in New York City during the Great Depression starred Humphrey Bogart, Joel McCrea, Sylvia Sidney and Claire Trevor (cast as prostitute dying of syphilis). But the picture is perhaps most notable today for introducing moviegoers to a gaggle of juvenile toughs known as the Dead End Kids.

Bogie made three movies with the Dead End kids: 1938’s “Crime School” and “Angels With Dirty Faces” (two of the six films he made that year), and 1939’s “Invisible Stripes” (one of the seven films he made that year). The Dead End kids post-Bogie went on to star in several crime melodramas for Warner Bros., as well as a series at poverty row studio Monogram where they were called The East Side Kids and a later The Bowery Boys.

Leo Gorcey and Huntz Hall were the two most identifable  “kids” (though they were in their twenties.) How many of the Dead End Kids are you able to identify in this picture? And who is our mystery man (boy) with Donald?

Pop Quiz: Another star was brought out to Hollywood to recreate her role as Bogie’s mother in Dead End.  She went on to play other famous “Ma” roles.  who was she?



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