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LETTERS, WE GET LETTERS — “Roi” Rogers and Friends.

Here’a a picture of “the king of the cowboys,” Roy Rogers, an exclusive shot from our very own private vault. It’s part of our exclusive Donald Gordon Collection of snapshots taken in Forties Hollywood by our late pal, who at the time was serving a kind of junior-actor-in-residence at Columbia Pictures. Donald usually took his famous-pal photos in urban settings, on […]

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LANA TURNER — Her Looks, Onscreen and Of

LANA TURNER — Her Looks, Onscreen and Off

  As we’ve seen from viewing the many informal photos in the Collection of the late Donald Gordon, Hollywood classic stars often look different onscreen and off. Not necessarily better but somehow different – slicker, more polished, fully made-up and primed for box office consumption. That‘s not to say the raw material isn’t pretty good. […]

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