Recently we’ve been discussing stars who never even received an Academy Award nomination. Some of our readers commented that the biggest overlooked star on the receiving end of Oscar injustice was Edward G. Robinson.

Regular correspondent Mike Sheridan states the theme:  (Robinson) is a particular favorite of mine, he truly was an honest and noble guy. I think he put his heart and soul into his roles, and even though he’s remembered most for his gangster roles, I liked him in real world parts too like “Our Vines Make Tender Grapes.”

Reader Wyatt Kingseed states his case:  I agree Edward G. Robinson is the single worst omission for never having been nominated. Ridiculous.

The Lady Eve writes: At least EGR was given an honorary Oscar – apparently he knew he had been voted the award but died before that year’s Academy Awards ceremony (hopefully the shock that he was finally being recognized didn’t contribute to his demise).

But what about the men and women who continually DID receive nominations and still were denied the Oscar?

Hello Everybody. MR. Joe Morella and MR. Frank Segers back again.  MRS. Norman Maine is consoling the late Judy Garland who portrayed her so brilliantly but still lost the Award.

Garland had two nominations in her 30 year career. Peter O’Toole, as most people know, holds the record for the most nominations without a win. Eight.

Richard Burton is close behind with seven.  Burton is no longer with us, but O’Toole, Albert Finney (with five) and Mickey Rooney (with four) still have a shot (maybe).

On the female side Irene Dunne and Deborah Kerr are tied with five nominations (and no wins) each.  Greta Garbo (pictured above), Barbara Stanwyck and Roz Russell each had four. One of our favorites, Eleanor Parker, had three nominations but it was her bad luck to be competing in very tough races.

And what about those great character actors competing for Oscars in the Best Supporting category?

Thelma Ritter had six nominations, SIX. Agnes Moorehead had four and Angela Lansbury three with no wins.  Arthur Kennedy leads the men with five nods, Claude Rains had four nominations and Clifton Webb had three chances. All of them deserved an Oscar.

But then again, Peter Lorre was never even recognized with a nomination much less a lifetime achievement citation.



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